Friday, November 5, 2010

What party are you attending? blue or red


Hello, my name is Glowing Soul few of you may know me from my previous and neglected blog The Preacher's Daughter. My writing buddy daemon Dave and I will be giving you our opinions about politics in this country. Those of you that enjoy exercising your  amendment right which is freedom of speech can give your opinions as well. Before Deamon Dave and I began ranting on and on about the republicans epic take over, I should let you all know what parties he and I represent. For starters, I have a difficult time being identified by a label. Especially when it comes something senseless as politics. So, when it comes to donkeys and elephants I'd rather be the zoo keeper. The person to tame the wild beasts and say, "hey can we please work together for the greater good of the American people".  That may sound  absurb considering the mudslinging, slanderous, law suit worthy campaign ads millions of you Americans have  saw on television. Deamon Dave, on the other hand is a consecrate  liberal. You name it he's for it, gay marriage, legalization of marijuana, abortions and he's not even Californian. 

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  1. I am too affiliated with the party of "Me". I vote on the person I believe can do the best job instead of blindly going to the polls and voting all Democrat or all Republican. Folks need to read up on the issues because there are times when a party doesn't reflect a candidate.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate